Buena Suerte Tapas Bar Buena Suerte Tapas Bar

Non alcohol

Soft drink / Coke/diet coke$3.70
Lemonade/tonic/solo $3.50
Mineral water (s)$4.50   (L)$7.50
Juice- Orange/apple/other $4.00

Coffee and tea

Espresso $3.00
Long Black $3.00
Caffe Latte $3.50
Flat white $3.50
Mocha $3.50
Arabic coffee $4.50
Armenian coffee $4.90
Tea $3.00
Moroccan Mint tea $4.00


Tira mi su$7.90
Fig & date pudding$7.90
Ice cream$7.90

Please order and pay at the bar
10% Surcharge Applies on Sunday & Public Holidays